Prayer For Creating Sacred Space


To the Spirits of the South
Great Serpent, Sachamama, Amaru
Wrap your golden coils of healing light around us
Teach us to release our past the way you shed your skin, all at once
Teach us to walk with beauty and grace on the belly of Mother Earth
Teach us that beauty is always in us, around us, and surrounding us
Teach us the beauty path.


To the Spirits of the West
Mother Sister Jaguar, Otorongo
Protect this medicine space
Show us the path inwards to our own inner mastery Where we radiate the unconditional love of our heart Teach us the way of peace and integrity.


To the spirits of the North Hummingbird, Ciraq Kenti, Spirits of the land, Guardians of the land
Ancient ones
Help us remember ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge and to drink deeply from the well of immortality
Whisper to us in the wind – in the crackle of the fire – in the sacred space of our heart
We are thankful and grateful to you who have come before us and after us
Teach us to walk the sacred path.


To the spirits of the East Eagle, Condor
Thank you for kicking us out of the nest so we would learn to grow our own wings
Take us to higher grounds and illuminate our destiny You who are the great visionary
Teach us to always see through the eyes of our heart.


Mother Earth, Pachamama, Tierra Madre
We celebrate all those that live within you, around you, and surrounding you
All of our relations
We thank you for sustaining us in all of our lifetimes Sing to us, our original healed soul song
Teach us to remember who we are.


Father Sun, Inti Taita
Chaska, Inka messenger to the star people
Hold us in between the tick and the tock, between the spaces
Hold us in the place of infinity
Where all the stories exist simultaneously
Where all the healing happens instantaneously
Thank you for bringing us together
For letting us sing our soul songs, one more day in one more way
Teach us that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When you close sacred space, you again address the elements and spirit helpers. Thanking them for keeping your space open, for keeping you focused and protected, and for their love and wisdom that they shared with you during this sacred time. It is important to close the space when you have completed your healing work and prayers inside this sacred circle, or space.
Closing Sacred Space